The Creation of SABA

Published on 2 August 2021 at 20:56


Welcome to SABA!
Why or how i came up with the idea for this community? ...
It all began when I began working for a well known company as a party representative. My role was to hold parties selling the usual sex toys and lingerie items, however I found that a lot of my products were costly to the average person as well as the rule of women only parties, my business did not do great...i mean men have sex too right?...This lead to the curiosity of the rules and regulations of having your own online adult store and how to go about starting one...a few months later I had successfully created my own online lingerie and adult store (HiddenSecrets).
The amount of rules and regulations within social media, E commerce and search engines meant that my opportunities for advertisement were limited. With a high stigma and sense of embarrassment towards sex my ability to find my target audience was difficult, the creation of my store was subjected to many obstacles and with nowhere to find support or guidance, i found myself struggling alone.


Then came the idea of SABA...SABA stands for Sex Appreciation Business Association and was created by myself to enable all business owners and entrepreneurs within the adult industry had a place to go for support, knowledge and collaboration. The community was created to provide a safe, non judgmental place for those within the adult industry whether that be cam girls, store owners, exotic dancers or escorts...The ability to have somewhere specifically for adult related businesses and entrepreneurs allows the opportunity for communicating with others, motivation, ideas, collaboration, training and so much more.
I hope that SABA helps to promote the adult industry and shows that sex is not a dirty word as well as create a friendly community.


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